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The Unseen God
Forgive & Forget

I was studying the word "spirit" one day, but didn't want to. I felt the Lord wanted me to, so I continued. I saw there was a "lying spirit," a "spirit of bondage" and so on, then one stood out to me called, "the spirit at Endor." I didn't want to study it, but the Lord compelled me and I'm so glad. Isn't it interesting that Joseph who was so betrayed by his brothers grew up to name his two sons, "Manasseh" and "Ephraim," which means, "Forgive" & "Forget."
The spirit at Endor means: "Remember" & "Forget."
I was getting good and confused at this point and asked the Lord what it meant. This is what came to me: The nasty ole' spirit at Endor is the one that causes people to remember and remember and remember past wrongs; also to remember past attempts to overcome, and to remember all the times we failed. Then we come to "Forget." The spirit at Endor is the one that causes us to forget the goodness of GOD, and all the times He has come through for us. Also, it wants us to forget the many times we have been forgiven, and that GOD tells us we will not be forgiven if we fail to forgive. For those who will believe, we need to address the spirit at Endor in the Name of Jesus Christ, when we recognize its intrusion in a life, and cast it into outer darkness in that Name of Jesus Christ.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 09-18-16