The Unseen God
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The Unseen God
GOD Has A Question

This is a question to those who pray to Me, but do not yet know Me:
Why do you pray but do not the things I say?  Why do you strive so with your Maker?  Ask yourself, “Why do I?”  “Why do I go against what I know is right?”
You resist My guidance, when all I want to do is love you and show you My plan for the rest of your life.  I long for you to know Me like I know you; to walk with you and talk with you; to Shepherd you and protect you from evil.  Instead, you run to evil.

Why do you resist the right when it only leads to the joy you crave, the peace you dream of, the complete acceptance you desire, and the security you long for?
I have been close to you all your life, whether you knew it or not.  I had nothing to do with the one who abused you.  They never called on Me except to mention My Name a few times.  The devil has a plan for your life too, and desires you to walk in disobedience to Me, so he can have you, ruin you, and torment you forever.  The devil wants you to make choices that will destroy you and lead you to hell.

This is not My choice for you: will it be yours? (Pause)   I AM inviting you right now to know Me. Would you like to know Me?  If you will draw close to Me and just be real with Me, I will draw close to you, and be real with you.
  If you will confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart GOD raised Him from the dead, I will take up residence in you and empower you to do mighty things.  I will shame those who have shamed you.  I will use you to impress the wise.  I will never harm you, nor leave you.  I will never make you feel stupid, or worthless, for I see your value. I made you. I love you with a most protective love, so I will never leave you to tend to yourself.  I will equip you with all the tools you need to do My will: I do not expect you to do it on your own.  Will you still mess up at times?  Yes, but I will walk you through it, and not condemn you.  I will give you an understanding of My love letters to you from the Bible you have never understood before.  If you will follow My Son, Jesus Christ (for He will light His footsteps behind Him),  I will fill you with the very same power that enabled Him to rise from the dead.

If you reject Me, I will reject you.  But, while I AM knocking right now on your heart’s door, if you will open the door and ask Me in, I will come in and dwell with you and be your Father for the rest of your life, and give you eternal life hereafter.  The choice is yours!      - Your Creator, Almighty GOD

   © GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 04-08-13