The Unseen God
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The Unseen God
I Had Nothing, But Nothing

Lord, if I'd lived back then, I know it wouldn’t have been me
That You would have chosen, instead of Mary;
(Luke 1:26-56; Matthew 1:18-24)

And You wouldn’t have picked me to be Isaac’s bride:
When I was her age, I had so much pride inside.
(Genesis 24)

You wouldn’t have pointed Boaz to me at that time
Because I hadn’t left any gods behind;
(Ruth 4)

And You sure wouldn’t have chosen me to be Moses’s wife
I wouldn’t be able to stomach circumcising my child with a knife.
(Exodus 4)

That’s why I can’t possibly comprehend
(O GOD, Thank You so much that You did!)

Why You would choose me for Your Son
As unworthy as I am, and undone!
Revelation 19; John 3:29, 30;  Ephesians 5:32; Luke 14 (Parable Jesus told of the Wedding Feast)

I had nothing, but nothing! I had not one thing to offer
I was the gazing stock of the scoffer:
And yet, You called to me, “Come and be Mine!”
You said, “Feast at My table, drink of My wine!”
GOD, how could I not live every moment for Thee?
I had nothing, but nothing, and You chose ME!!!

Hallelujah Amen.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 09-02-17