The Unseen God
Another Project of Dawn Gwin aka Psalma Mama
©1984-2018 More Than a Word Ministries

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The Unseen God
I Know and Understand

I know what you do to feel accepted, I know that isn’t the real you;
I see how you want to fit in with others who are hurting too.
You really don’t even know who you are, because you’re trying to please
Those around you so they won’t reject you, criticize, or tease.
I know what makes you cry, I have the tears you have held in
I keep them in My bottle because I understand.
The one’s you choose to hang out with, are as messed up as you.
I understand you reject Me because you want to do what you do.
You have heard about Me, here and there and think you really love Me;
But if you did, you would do what I say: you have been deceived.
I state in My Word quite clearly, so you can’t interpret incorrectly:
Man with man, or woman with woman will be burned together directly.
I hated Esau because he gave up his inheritance as the first boy:
The companion, or friend of a fool will be suddenly destroyed.
When your father and mother forsake you, I said I would care for you;
But if you refuse to let Me, what do you expect Me to do?
You love to hear the comforting words, joyful and uplifting:
That make your ears feel happy and good, while the thoughts of your heart need sifting.
I have pursued and pursued you with My love to no avail
But I wanted to give you another chance to choose Me, instead of Hell.

-GOD Almighty