The Unseen God
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The Unseen God
I Am Yours and You Are Mine

If it were not for You Lord Who is on my side, I would perish in my afflictions. I would go to bed, put the covers over my head and stay there, not wanting to come out and face the world for another day.... if it were not for You Lord Who is on my side.
But, because You are on my side, I can face today and whatever comes, for our heavenly Father knows what I have need of; He will never leave me comfortless; I will not see Your shadow walking away. You will never give up on me, because You know what I can't do already, and You know You began this good work in me by Your Spirit, and You know  I cannot possibly complete the work in my flesh, for I am on Your wheel. You are my Potter and I am Your clay.  I am Yours, and You are mine. You are making me into the vessel of Your choice, Amen

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 10-16-17