The Unseen God
Another Project of Dawn Gwin aka Psalma Mama
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The Unseen God
Jesus, Do You Love Me Now?

I travelled down life's road until I could do it my way no more
That's when someone introduced me to Jesus, the Lord:
Jesus told me He loved me, but I rejected Him
I was afraid of what He would expect of me back then.
I wanted no part of another surface relationship that didn't give;
That was only out for himself, I did not want to live.
I cried, "Jesus, do You love me now? I am quite sure You don't."
You can't want someone who rejects Your love, surely You won't."
Jesus said, "I AM Love! Do you despise Me?"
I did not know what to say, so I just ran away.
Years went by, I found myself living on the street:
And there Jesus was again, I shouted out mockingly,
"Hey Jesus! Do You love me now? HA! Look how dirty I've become.
You wouldn't be seen with me now I bet, and if I got close,
You'd run!"
Jesus ran to me and looked deep into my eyes:
That is when I understood what real love was for the first time!
I fell down at His Feet and cried for how I'd rejected Him:
I thought about the many times He had tried to help me back then.
I asked, this time in fear, "Jesus, do You love me now?"
Jesus said,"I could never lose My love for you; I don't know how!"
Dear Reader, if you can't imagine Jesus loving you
He wants you to know, your doubts simply are not true:
He loves you, not for what you have done, but simply for Who He is;
If you wonder Whose Arms have been holding you up, dear one, they are His!

GOD’ s grace in Dawn Gwin 2009