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The Unseen God
When I Was Seventeen

I said my first curse word (or "cuss" word. however you say it) when I was 17 yrs. old. I said my last curse (or "cuss") word when I was 17 yrs. old. I realized I didn't need to and there were too many other words to say. When I first started saying the bad words, my heart was full of anger, hurt, and unforgiveness, so.... that's what came out. It had already become a habit and I wanted to break it because I just didn't want dirty stuff coming out of my mouth. I wasn't a Christian yet, so my heart was still dirty and I didn't know I could get it clean by asking GOD for forgiveness. I also didn't know He could wash me clean and let me start all over from the mercy seat in Heaven where Jesus poured out His Blood He shed for me and for you on the Cross of Calvary for payment for our sins.
I told someone else who was wanting to stop cussing too, "How about every time we almost say, "Sh_ _," we say, "Shugar-bugar" instead. He laughed so hard and I did too, so that helped us a lot. Wouldn't you much rather laugh out loud than to say an ugly word?
It works to break the habit. Hollering out, "Funder & Lightening!" sounds a whole lot better than something else; and so does "Dadgum!" Sure hope this helps somebody!! When you see what's in your heart, you'll know what you need to confess to GOD too.

Have you ever tried and failed to overcome a bad habit, or break a stronghold in your life? You may have attempted more than once to no avail, and finally gave up? I did too. Back in the early 90's GOD kept dealing with me to let it go, and I would do good for a while. This morning I saw 2 pictures: one was a fox with all teeth showing while chasing a chicken. The chicken was so scared. In the second photo, the chicken was chasing the fox and scaring him half to death. Why? Because the chicken had a weapon. That's what's wrong when we try to overcome a nasty habit in our own strength. We need a weapon. It saddens me when another inmate is about to pull-chain (that means, be released from jail to go to either prison or home) and they are so afraid of messing up and ending up back in jail.
Let me encourage you: It isn't your idea to overcome a bad attitude, an addiction, or other sin, it is GOD's idea. He has already given you the "grace to obey." He said so in Romans 1. If you will do what David did to defend GOD's honor and just believe He is able to do this through you, then get your 5 stones together like David did for his sling. He picked up 5 but only needed one to knock the giant right between the eyes and make him powerless. Your stones are The Words of GOD. Hebrews 4 says They are "active, powerful, sharp" and Proverbs 3 says His Words are "Life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh." You can't slay the giant without a weapon, so get your weapon from The Words of GOD ready. Here is one "stone" for you:
1 Peter 4:1-3 "Since Christ had to suffer physically for you, you must arm yourselves with the same inner attitude that He must have had. You must realize that to be dead to sin inevitably means pain, and you should not therefore spend the rest of your time here on earth indulging your physical nature, but in doing the will of God."
Father GOD, I pray you will bless this one with courage to obey Your promptings for them to lay it down and trust Your power in them to do the work. Help them to do it before You must chastise (discipline them) I pray; because that is not a happy place. In Jesus' Name I ask, Amen.